Where to Buy Smoked Fish with the Best Quality & Convenience

Searching for smoked fish online probably isn't your first instinct, but, in our humble opinion, it should be. Buying fish from our assortment is the same as (or better than) buying it from the local seafood market in terms of quality. We procure from the best of the best, and our qualified experts inspect each and every catch to ensure freshness. What makes the experience even more enjoyable, however, is how practical it is to get smoked seafood delivered directly to your door. No lines, no time wasted. Just walk out to your mailbox, and start cooking.

Why Buy Smoked Fish?

Have you tried smoked fish before? If not, now is the time. Smoked seafood contains that same valuable nutrients as its raw counterparts. The taste of each fish is distinctive and typical of its species, yet the fire-smoked process gives it a hearty, woodsy flavor that is often enjoyed with bread, chowder, or pasta. An agreeable taste for a wide range of palettes, smoked fish is a great choice when entertaining company or appeasing picky eaters.