Cook spectacular seafood at home these holidays with our expert picks.


Scallops - Fulton Fresh Finest Sea, Dry U/10, Wild, USA


Snapper - American Red, Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (1.5lb avg)


Crabmeat - Fresh, Wild, USA, Jumbo Lump (16oz)


Crab - Cooked, Stone Claws, Wild, USA, Large


Crab - Red King, Frozen 9/12, Wild, Russia, Whole Legs


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Littleneck, Wild, USA Dozen


Scallops - Sea, Dry 10/20, Fresh, Wild, USA


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Topneck, Wild, USA Dozen


Smoked Salmon - Gravlax, Frozen, Farmed, USA, 4oz


Oysters - Fresh, Pacific, Farmed, Shucked, USA, 10oz Jar


Oysters - Fresh, Atlantic, Wild, Shucked, USA, 8oz Cup


Mussels - Live, PEI, Farmed, Canada (2lb Bag)


Bass - Pacifico Striped, Fresh, Farmed, Mexico, Whole (4lb avg)


Shrimp - Frozen, 13/15, Farmed, Peeled and Deveined, Tail On (2lb Bag)