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The Fish Authority

The seafood business is as old as time. It is largely done the way it was two thousand years ago. Lots of charming family fishers and fishmongers work in small Fisherman’s markets handed down from generation to generation. And some not so charming pirates, fish tales and fish oil sales people take advantage whenever they can.

FultonFishMarket.com is reimagining this fragmented largely opaque business. We have become convinced that the fresh seafood health benefits to humankind are too staggeringly important to let shifty practices continue to prevent people from enjoying the incredible taste of truly fresh seafood. We want to leave the charm, and leave behind the pirates, fish tales and fish oil sales people. FultonFishMarket.com a new and better way to buy the best seafood.

Seafood Unimagined

Today most of your seafood is eaten in restaurants. Two reasons:

  • you think it must be to difficult to prepare at home because the restaurant chef buries the fish in sauces and spices,
  • and cooking at home leaves the kitchen a smelly mess.

That is because most of the seafood you get at the supermarket or even at that fancy restaurant:

  • Is shipped from overseas
  • Is illegally fished, undocumented or under-regulated
  • Is frozen then re-“freshed” before serving
  • Is farmed in unregulated ponds and crowded pens, fed chemicals, GMOs, antibiotics to keep diseases in check and/or gassed to artificially color the meat.
  • IS NOT what is on the label, or the menu listing, but some other species entirely
  • Is not fished or farmed sustainably
  • Is not inspected

No wonder the chef needs to add sauce or spices and no wonder your kitchen and that supermarket seafood counter smell. If you are lucky today your seafood tastes like chicken. Yuck.

FultonFishMarket.com, Taste the difference

The fresh seafood we chose for our consumer site is selected first and foremost because of its taste. One of our quality directors is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and seafood chef. All of the fresh seafood featured on our site has gone thru numerous taste tests with chefs, foodies and yep even some of the mid-western folks who make up management. If it is not fabulous we will look no further. If it meets the taste criteria the rest of the criteria (seafood sustainability, seafood safety) can then be evaluated.

Taste in seafood depends on many things, first among them however, is freshness. Fresh seafood smells like the sea. That exhilarating anticipation on the way to the shore is prompted by the first whiff of an ocean breeze. That is Fresh Fish. It tastes nothing like anything you have likely experienced. It needs neither adornment nor fancy sauce because its native flavor is incredible.

We accomplish freshness by having our quality assurance professionals select from the one to two million pounds of fresh seafood that spill over our docks at the Fulton Market every night. The Fulton Market is second only in size to the Tokyo Fish Market, offers the most assortment and the freshest domestic seafood available anywhere.

Yankee Doodle Fish

North America has the largest protected ocean area in the world home to thousands of delicious, sustainable seafood and shellfish species, most of which you have never tasted. The best, freshest, safest, and most sustainable seafood on the globe is harvested from the U.S. coasts. These are the most highly regulated waters, fisheries, aquaculture and markets in the world. The seafood is regulated by quota, by license and in some cases has to be tagged by the fisher. All seafood taken within the 200 mile commercial fishing coastal limits must be accompanied by “trip tickets” detailing the boat, the area fished, the fish caught and pounds, the method of catch. Size and by-catch are heavily regulated and the regulations vary in degree with the health of the fishery.

Yet our own seafood is almost never available in supermarkets or restaurants in our communities. Over 70% of what is fished here is sent overseas in many cases to the very same countries that ship us their unregulated and undocumented seafood.

Most of the seafood on the FultonFishMarket.com consumer site or offered in the FultonFishMarket.com Community Supported Fisheries are Wild Caught and fished in your local waters, the fisheries regulated by U.S. Federal and State agencies. Or they are raised here, with the same stringent oversight.

Old Macdonald had a Farmed Fish

You have had farmed seafood. If you have eaten seafood in practically any restaurant or bought it in supermarkets and, in many cases despite labeling, you have bought farmed seafood.

Like all farms there are good farms and bad.

In the U.S and in some other parts of the world great, clean, aquaculture is practiced. Farmed seafood can provide a high quality, year round supply of healthy and delicious protein. Seafood can be safely, sustainably and responsibly cultivated. U.S. farmed fish and shellfish are overseen by: the FDA, NOAA, the US Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

In some other countries farmed seafood is not so carefully farmed. Nor documented.

Half of all seafood consumed worldwide today is farmed. The seas can simply not generate enough food to meet demand sustainably.

But of course 100% of the pork, beef and chicken you consume is farmed.

Seafood is the most efficient of farmed sources of protein:

ProteinFeed Conversion Ratio 
Salmon 1.2 It takes 1.2 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of salmon
Beef 8.7 It takes 8.7 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of beef
Pork 5.9 It takes 5.9 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of pork
Chicken 1.9 It takes 1.9 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of chicken

Whenever FultonFishMarket.com decides to offer a farmed selection, we carefully examine the supplier for sustainability and a safe seafood supply environment. We do that AFTER we determine that the farmed seafood tastes incredible.

How does FultonFishMarket.com do it?

FultonFishMarket.com connects you directly with the largest assortment of the finest quality fresh fish available anywhere. And it is all available online, at your fingertips, delivered direct to your door.

Every Midnight between one and two million pounds of the freshest seafood pours across the docks at Fulton Market in New York City.

While this fresh seafood comes from across the globe a huge portion is fished domestically. North America has the largest protected ocean area in the world with thousands of delicious, sustainable seafood and shellfish species, most of which you have never tasted.

Go online to FultonFishMarket.com and browse our delicious fresh seafood our delectable fresh oysters, online or the magnificent fresh crab, shrimp and lobsters.

  • Every online click you make will save fresh seafood on your personal shopping list, making future purchases even easier. We are the best fresh seafood market near you!
  • Order seafood online anytime.

Our Chefs and Published Seafood Quality Experts, scour the market carefully selecting only the best seafood to satisfy your desires.

The fresh seafood is prepared to order and then packed under the watchful eyes of our seafood safety experts to exacting standards. It quickly makes its way to our customized shipping networks to find the most efficient way to your door, usually the same day.

The Healthiest Protein

Recent hard research claims a 36% reduction in cardiovascular disease and over 50% reductions in dementia related diseases. Think of the impact on the health and health care costs of America if we can add healthy fresh seafood to the meal plan twice per week. You always knew that healthy seafood was good for you, now you how good it is for you, and with FultonFishMarket.com you know how good it can be!

Judith C.Thalheimer, RD, LDN, Fighting Dementia With Food, Today’s Geriatric Medicine Vol 8 No. 4 P.10

Cooking seafood at home, is no mystery

Truly fresh seafood is tastier than the best steak, chop or free-range chicken and the variety of tastes will open up new vistas of experience.

Once in your kitchen you will find the preparation of fresh seafood to be easy and straightforward taking about as much effort as preparing burgers, grilled chicken or spaghetti. Great seafood is like great steaks or great produce,…the less you do to it, the tastier the result.

On the product buy page you will find 2 or 3 sixty second cooking preparation videos for your Alaskan Salmon, your Yellow Fin Tuna, your Maine lobster or any of the other delectable choices from our fresh seafood market.. Most involve a hot pan, a bit of olive oil a sprinkle of salt, pepper and perhaps a squeeze of lemon. Stuff found in every kitchen. You can always dress it up more if you have the time to flambé, but you will be amazed at how your fresh seafood will delight

All of these methods are meant to help you deliver a delicious, nutritious and healthy seafood meal to your family in a package to plate time of ten minutes or less.