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Alaskan Copper River King Salmon Season

Alaskan Copper River King Salmon

The Copper River season opens in May, and early indications look good for the season's catch. Copper River salmon - particularly the King Salmon - is revered and coveted by salmon lovers worldwide. 

At, we get our Copper River salmon directly from Webber Wild Seafood and their boat, F/V Amulet. The Webbers are long-time Copper River fishers who've invested in fishing the Copper River. Their vessel boasts a state-of-the-art pressure bleeding system that is known to be the most advanced onboard processing equipment in the Copper River fishing fleet. Talent runs in the family. The pressure bleeding system was designed, tested, and manufactured by Captain Mike's brother Bill of Webber Marine and Mfg. Mike and Bill Webber are the only two fishermen in the 540 vessel Copper River gillnet fleet who use the pressure-bleeding technology. Outfitted with an immersion tank, refrigerated seawater and flake ice storage systems, the fish are fully prepared to keep them fresh, right on board, ensuring a pristine, unparalleled product for our customers. Learn more about process and equipment for the onboard pressure bleeding system they've been honing since 2009.

Copper River Salmon Catch

"Mike has the most discerning palate of any salmon lover you'll ever know," said Katrina Webber, Mike's wife. "He commits to providing exceptional quality salmon to his buyers in ways that require sacrifice, dogged determination, incredible skills, superb execution, and a sense of adventure." Katrina conducts oceanography research on ships around the world, and has taught marine biology for nearly a decade, while working to advance sustainable ocean management policies on the West Coast of the United States.

The Copper River King and Sockeye salmon seasons run through mid-June. Our partners select the best of the Copper River salmon catch to send fresh to and our customers. You won’t find a more beautiful or better tasting Copper River salmon anywhere.

All Copper River action photos from F/V Amulet provided by TEAL BARMORE PHOTOGRAPHY

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