Clams for Sale

With their briny perfume, sweet flavor, and chewy texture, clams are one of the ocean’s finest treats – so versatile and easy to prepare. Try our soft or hard shell clams in pasta, chowder or your favorite clam recipe.


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Littleneck, Wild, USA Dozen


Clams - Live, Soft Shell, Razor, Wild, USA


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Cherrystone, Wild, USA Dozen


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Manila, Wild, USA 5lb


Clams - Live, Hard Shell, Topneck, Wild, USA Dozen


Clams - Live, Soft Shell, Steamer, Purged, Wild, USA (5lb)


Clams - Frozen, Chopped Surf, Wild, USA (1lb Pkg)

Where to Buy Clams: Why Is the Ultimate Solution

If you don’t live on the water, you might be wondering where you can buy clams that taste as if they came straight from the sea, carrying rich, complex flavors you can only find underwater. Fulton Fish Market offers the freshest, seasonal varieties of clams to be delivered to you within two days. No need to brave the seafood market or scour the grocery store for half-decent frozen options. We have tested these mollusks for you so you can guarantee your tastebuds will be satisfied.

Buy Clams to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Like all the seafood we carry, our clams for sale provide invaluable health benefits. High in protein, iron, selenium, vitamins C and B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids, clams offer nutrients helpful for a variety of functions throughout the body. Iron assists with oxygen transport, B-12 with red blood cell production, omega-3 with inflammation reduction, and vitamin C with heart health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a Fulton Fish Market seafood diet!