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Fresh Bass Online

Bass is a very popular type of fish that has a mild flavor. It is widely available in the United States and other developed countries, but it can cost a lot more than some fish varieties because of its popularity.

Types of Bass

Bass comes in a variety of types including Chilean Sea Bass, Black Sea Bass, and Branzino. Though they all have a very similar taste profile that’s similar to a mild flaky white fish.

Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is one of the most popular varieties of bass. It’s found in South America and it is typically available year-round even though there are some seasons where the fish can be more or less common, depending on environmental conditions like temperature changes in the ocean. Chilean Sea Bass has a clean flavor with just enough fat to give its texture a light chewiness that makes it perfect.

Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass is one of the most popular varieties of bass. It’s found all over Europe and Asia, but it can be hard to find in the US because it is often exported before making its way across the ocean! It has a delicate flavor that some people compare to lobster with a firm texture that makes it perfect for baking or frying.


The last type of bass is Branzino. This type of bass is found in the Mediterranean Sea and it’s a great option for people who are looking to add more seafood into their diet! Almost everyone enjoys its velvety texture and sweet, mild flavor.

Farmed vs Wild Bass

All bass is wild, but there are a variety of farm-raised varieties that can be purchased from . There is some debate in the fishing community about which type tastes better. 

Our farmed Pacifico striped bass are sustainably raised in the open ocean of Baja California. Less handling, specially-designed feed, and the natural flow of clean currents result in Pacifico striped bass that are consistently delicious and grow in an environment that is maintained to the level of its natural purity.

Wild bass is different from farmed bass in that it lives in the ocean, free to swim wherever and free to eat whatever it can find. This type has a more natural diet, which leads to less mercury than farmed bass.

Want to Learn How to Cook Bass?

Fish recipes are often versatile with many ingredients that you might already have at home! Check out our bass recipes for some great ideas for your next bass dinner!