Fresh Bass

Bass are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, giving them a buttery taste that is sweet and delicate. Whether you prefer black sea bass, Chilean sea bass, Bronzini, or striped bass, you will enjoy a meaty, yet flaky texture that is super versatile to cook with.


Bass - Pacifico Striped, Fresh, Farmed, Mexico, Whole (1.5lb avg)


Bass - Pacifico Striped, Fresh, Farmed, Mexico 4lb avg


Bass - Pacifico Striped, Frozen, Farmed, Mexico, Fillet (13oz avg)


Bass - Black Sea, Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole, Cleaned (3lb avg)


Bronzini - Mediterranean, Fresh, Farmed, Whole Cleaned (1lb avg)


Bass - Striped, Fresh, Wild, USA


Chilean Sea Bass - Frozen, Wild, Chile

Types of Bass Available

When you buy sea bass, it is important to note the origin of the fish. Chilean sea bass will taste slightly different from Bronzini, a mediterranean catch. What your fish taste like depends on what it eats and where it’s from. It’s almost impossible to describe the subtle variations in flavor. You might just have to try for yourself to find out. In addition to our offshore alternatives, we have three domestic bass, including two striped and one black. Our assortment offers both wild and farmed, ensuring the safest and healthiest practice and highest quality for each.

Where to Buy Sea Bass

Obviously, we believe you have stumbled upon the right market for the freshest, most delectable fish in the sea (or freshwater). At, we carefully curate our selection to bring you the very best quality around. Our packaging includes ice packs that preserve the taste and freshness of our seafood, and we can deliver a day or two after the fish is caught. Get your fresh sea bass from us, and we guarantee smiles around the table.