Fresh Tuna

Cooking Tuna at Home

The succulent, firm meat and rich, distinctive flavor of fresh tuna make it a popular choice among seafood lovers. Our selection of tuna is completely fresh, caught just a day – sometimes a few hours – before being sent to your home. Quickly sear it and serve rare atop a bed of greens or in a corn tortilla if you are craving a delicious ahi tuna dish. Prepare it as a brightly-flavored tartare when entertaining guests. Or grill it with lemon and serve with rice pilaf. Buy tuna for an instantly delectable meal, cooked however you decide.

What's Not to Love about Fresh Tuna?

The health benefits of tuna are endless. Similar to fish like salmon, tuna is a tasty source of omega-3 fatty acids; however, other fat content is minimal, making it a low-calorie option for any diet, especially those seeking weight loss. Protein-packed and rich in amino acids, this fish is an excellent choice for weightlifters or athletes trying to support lean muscle. With its high concentration of B vitamins, it can improve your energy levels and bone strength.

What is Ahi Tuna?

Have you suddenly started noticing ahi tuna on every restaurant menu? Ahi tuna tacos, ahi tuna with ginger, ahi tuna steaks, ahi tuna salad – the list goes on. The term "ahi" is Hawaiian for fire but means yellowfin or bigeye, types of tuna, in relation to the fish. Our tuna for sale is yellowfin, which has a meaty flavor that resembles swordfish. Sear your tuna to create the "ahi tuna" look that has become so popular.