Beloved for their unique texture and exceptional flavor, mussels are seafood considered by many to possess the very essence of a delicate ocean mist. All varieties are sweet, plump, and best complemented with garlic and butter. If you are wondering where to buy fresh mussels, you have come to the right place.


Mussels - Live, Whitewater Blue, Wild, USA (10lb Bag)


Mussels - Live, PEI, Farmed, Canada (2lb Bag)

Seafood Season: When is the Best Time to Buy Mussels?

Unlike many other fish, mussels are in-season for about ten full months, starting in July and ending the following April. Our fresh offerings are sent to you just a day after catch and are covered in ice, maintaining their quality from us to you. Because this type of shellfish has such a long seasonality, we do not offer frozen mussels in our product mix. We want to ensure you are receiving the very best from us with our fresh off the pier taste.

Our Fresh Mussels for Sale Are Out of This World

At, we source our mussels from the very best locations across the world, delivering you a taste you have never before experienced. Packaged with ice, our seafood promises chilled freshness throughout transport. Whether you are recreating your favorite restaurant’s seafood pasta with shrimp and crab, serving your mussels steamed with a side of bruschetta for your next gathering, or trying one of our irresistible recipes, we guarantee your craving will be satisfied.