Fresh Scallops

Our fresh scallops are perfect for any occasion. When you buy scallops online from Fulton Fish Market, you know you're getting the best scallops for sale, delivered to your door one to two days after catch.


Scallops - Fulton Fresh Finest Sea, Dry U/10, Wild, USA


Scallops - Nantucket Bay, Fresh, Wild, USA


Scallops - Sea, Dry 10/20, Fresh, Wild, USA


Scallops - Peconic Bay, Fresh, Wild, USA - OUT OF SEASON

What Types of Scallops Are for Sale?

Our assortment of fresh scallops include those from the sea and the bay, as well as dry options. All our scallops are wild, so they come straight from the source and typically contain more minerals and fewer calories than their farmed counterparts. Sea scallops are larger, with a meaty flesh and sweet flavor. Bay scallops are smaller, with a more delicate flesh and milder flavor. Both are superbly delicious!

Where to Buy Dry Scallops & How Are They Different

Our online seafood market is the best place to buy dry scallops. While most scallops are soaked in phosphates, dry scallops are all-natural. The phosphates add water weight to the scallops, making them larger and more subtle in flavor. Dry scallops, however, are tanner in color, sweeter in taste, and sear flawlessly. Plus, they contain more meat and less water content. Take a bite of any of our fresh scallops for a delightful taste, soft texture, and a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, and magnesium.