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Fresh Scallops

What are Scallops?

Scallops are adductor muscles found in the rim of a scallop shell. The part of the scallop that you see on the top has two sides to it. The upper side is called the right valve and is smooth with straight edges. The lower side or under-surface of the scallop is called the left valve and is ridged with short curved teeth. The meat of the scallop is actually a muscle that can be found between these two shells.

Scallops are mild-flavored, sweet, and have firm flesh. They are usually prepared sautéed or fried and make for an amazing appetizer or meal.

Types of Scallops

Our assortment of fresh scallops includes those from the sea and the bay. All our fresh scallops are wild, so they come straight from the source and typically contain more minerals and fewer calories than their farmed counterparts.

Sea Scallops vs Bay Scallops

Fresh sea scallops are larger, with meaty flesh and sweet flavor. Fresh bay scallops are smaller, with a more delicate flesh and milder flavor.

How Are Dry Scallops Different?

Our online seafood market is the best place to buy fresh sea or bay scallops. While most scallops are soaked in phosphates, dry scallops are all-natural. The phosphates add water weight to the sea or bay scallops, making them larger and more subtle in flavor. Dry scallops, however, are tanner in color, sweeter in taste, and sear flawlessly. Plus, they contain more meat and less water content.

Take a bite of any of our fresh bay or sea scallops for a delightful taste, soft texture, and a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, and magnesium.

Looking for a Scallops Recipe?

Are you looking for a scallops recipe for your next meal? Check out our recipe hub to see all of our scallops recipes, in addition to other fish and seafood recipes!