Fresh Salmon Online, Delivered to Your Door

Whether it's Pacific or Atlantic salmon, these magnificent fish are prized for their vibrant color, high omega-3 fatty acids, delicate texture, and tender, flaky, meat. Try our carefully curated assortment of fresh salmon for a taste unlike any you have experienced before.

Farmed vs. Wild Caught Salmon

Have you been wondering where to buy wild caught salmon? We pride ourselves in offering wild salmon for sale that never disappoints in flavor. However, because we procure our fish from the very best locations throughout the world – Scotland, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand, and the USA – our farm-raised alternatives can be just as appetizing. So what differentiates the two? Typically, wild caught salmon will have a brighter red hue, is less caloric, and boasts a bolder flavor. Farmed salmon, the more common of the two, is fattier and easier to cook. It is available all year, while wild caught varieties are usually harvested from June through July and sold through September or October. Of course, frozen salmon can be purchased throughout the year, as its freshness is preserved with the freezing process.

The Benefits of Fresh Salmon

No matter the salmon you choose – Alaskan or Scottish, farmed or wild – this fish is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins. Omega-3s help support a variety of functions within the body, from mental health to eye and heart health, while B vitamins can positively impact energy levels and brain activity. Eat fresh salmon, not just for the exquisite taste, but for the advantages it provides to your body and mind.