Sea Urchin Roe

Whether you love the taste of caviar atop a decadent pasta dish, or you are looking for a new ingredient for ceviche, we recommend you give our sea urchin roe a try. Our sea urchin for sale is completely fresh, delivered to your door within a couple days of catch. Wild caught, this seafood had an all-natural diet and a full-bodied flavor to prove it. This sweet and creamy delight will become a staple in your home.

Where to Buy Sea Urchin

Okay, a little self-promotion never hurt anyone, right? Braggery aside, is the most convenient option for buying fresh sea urchin, and the taste will not disappoint. Our seafood experts ensure each and every fish in our inventory is the best quality, from taste to texture and everything in between. Once our sea urchin roe is fully evaluated and approved by the professionals, we deliver it straight to your door, a process that takes just a couple days, guaranteeing freshness.

Tell Me More about Sea Urchin

What exactly is sea urchin roe? The answer might not be for the easily queasy. This type of seafood, otherwise known as uni roe, is made from the gonads of the sea urchin, a hard-shelled echinoderm. When you buy sea urchin roe, you are receiving more than just a delicious, versatile seafood topping; you are providing your body with essential nutrients like protein, iron, vitamin A, and calcium. Keeping your body functioning properly never tasted so good.