Sardines for Sale

Our delicious wild sardines come in straight from the Portuguese coast. With both fresh and frozen options, enjoy the bold flavors of omega-3 rich sardines as soon as they arrive.


Sardines - Frozen, Wild, Portugal (28oz Bag)

The Only Place You Should be Shopping for Fresh Sardines

If you've been wondering where to buy fresh sardines, you have come to the right place. At, we have careful evaluations in place for each and every one of our fish, including our sardines. Our sardines are caught in Portugal; delivered to our seafood experts for inspection of quality, taste, and texture; and sent to your door. Talk about freshness. And all you have to do is add to cart, pick up the chilled package from your doorstep, and cook!

What's Not to Love about Bulk Sardines?

If you are a devoted sardine lover, you cannot deny the temptation of sardines in bulk. Whether you are hosting a pizza party with all your favorite toppings, long for a healthy midday snack, or want to store your fish in the freezer for a year of sardine-filled recipes, you are in luck. Order a few boxes of our fresh or frozen sardines, and you can enjoy them whenever you get the craving. Our sardines for sale taste best when paired with other bold ingredients like rosemary, fresh fennel, and even raisins. Spice up your pasta and risotto dishes with your favorite seafood.