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Fresh Seafood Bundles

Our fresh seafood bundles are perfect for any occasion, from a dinner of the freshest seafood with your family at home to an easy-to-prepare dish for entertaining guests.

Choose from stock-up bundles containing large quantities of of your favorite fresh fish to dinner party bundles containing a variety of seafood, so you can host an amazing fish dinner!

Benefits of Fresh Seafood Bundles

Whether you are looking for a great deal on fresh fish or an easy way to order everything you need in a single box, our fresh seafood bundles are the easiest way to order fish online!

  • Stock up on your favorite type of fish.
  • Save money when you buy fresh seafood bundles.
  • Bundles make hosting seafood dinners a breeze.

Fresh seafood bundles offer the best value for those who are looking to buy fresh fish online. Whether you're looking for a stock-up bundle or a dinner party bundle, we have the perfect option for you!

All of our seafood is fresh and carefully selected by our team of experts at Fulton Fish Market.

Looking for Some Finspiration?

Are you having a hard time deciding on your next seafood recipe? Do you need a little bit of inspiration?

Check out our seafood recipes for a huge selection of seafood recipes from chowders to fish tacos and so much more!