Bluefish - Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (3lb avg) - OUT OF STOCK

  • Bluefish - Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (3lb avg) - OUT OF STOCK

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A true seafood lover’s pick, Bluefish is known for its rich, pronounced flavor. It has a fatty, fine-textured flesh that ranges in color from white to silver grey. If you like Blue Runners or Mackerel, this fish is for you!

Bluefish Sustainability Information


Pomatomus saltatrix





Taste & Texture

  • Briny, Earthy
  • Steaky, Firm, Succulent

Nutritional Facts

Protein (g)17
Omega 3 (mg)708
Total Fat (g)4

Region & Fishery

Where From

Long Island, New York

Fun Fact

The Bluefish is nicknamed “bulldog of the ocean” because if its tenacity. In fact, its ferociousness is part of its wide appeal as a recreational game fish.

Product Preparation

The fine-textured flesh of Bluefish makes it a good candidate for baking and broiling, or grilling in aluminum foil. Its flavor is bold, so be assertive and pair it with strong flavors like garlic, oregano and Creole seasonings.

Product Nutrition

Healthy diets should include Bluefish, which is high in Omega-3 and is a good source of Selenium, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Potassium.

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Nutrition Facts

AmountPercent Daily Value
Cholesterol (mg)50 17%
Sodium (mg)51 2%
Potassium (mg)316 9%
Total Carbohydrate (g)0 0%
Percent Daily Value
Vitamin A7%

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